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'Transgender Studies and Theories: Building up the Field in a Nordic Context'

New Issue of the Graduate Journal of Social Science

Special Issue: 'Transgender Studies and Theories: Building up the Field in a Nordic Context'

Guest Edited by Katherine Harrison and Ulrica Engdahl (Linköping University,

Full text available for free at www.gjss.org

The GJSS is pleased to announce the publication of a special issue
celebrating the first international conference on trans in the Nordic
region. The 'Transgender Studies and Theories: Building up the Field in a
Nordic Context' conference was a three day conference that took place at
Linköping University, Sweden in November 2009 with the explicit aim of
building a platform for knowledge and awareness about transgender studies
and theories in a Nordic context.  Participants came from all over Europe
and beyond, bringing their knowledge and experiences to the table. This
special issue therefore both contributes to the emergence of ‘Nordic trans
field/s’, and also reflects work taking place in a broader international

The scope of the conference and this accompanying special issue was kept
deliberately open in terms of disciplinary backgrounds and interests. The
aim in doing this was two-fold: to provide a space for different
perspectives and experiences to meet in dialogue and, in so doing, to
challenge the primacy of any one form of knowledge production on trans
persons and lives. Consequently, the papers in this special issue are
interdisciplinary and innovative, often moving between ‘academia’ and
‘activism’, ‘theory’ and ‘practice’. In so doing, this special issue hopes
to continue the transdisciplinary and transnational conversations that
started in 2009 and to spark new debates.

The special issue includes the following pieces:

*Special Issue Editorial : Transgender studies and theories: building up the
field in a Nordic context *by Katherine Harrison and Ulrica Engdahl

*Welcome to the conference: Transgender studies and theories-building up the
field in a Nordic context* by Nina Lykke

*Transgender children: more than a theoretical challenge* by Natacha Kennedy
and Mark Hellen

*On Elves and Beasts: an intervention into normative imaginaries* by Anthony
Clair Wagner

*Challenges posed by transgender - passing within ambiguities and
interrelations* by Jules Tamàs Füetty

*Subtle pressures, coercive sterilizations and denials of access: A
trans-crip approach to reproductive subjectivation* by Ute Kalender

*Contextualising Intersex: Ethical discourses on Intersex in Sweden and the
US* by Erika Alm

*Screen-births: Exploring the transformative potential in trans video blogs
on YouTube* by Tobias Raun

*To be on Song: *Nora Koller reviews *“You’ve Changed”: Sex Reassignment and
Personal Identity*, ed. Laurie J. Shrage

Leslie Sherlock reviews *Two Truths and a Lie*, by Scott Turner Schofield

Natasha Curson reviews *Transgender Identities: Towards a Social Analysis of
Gender* ed. Sally Hines and Tam Sanger

*‘Forthcoming’ Research in Trans Studies: On Assuming Trans-
andInter-Disciplinary Research Methods*: Eliza Steinbock reviews *Assuming a
Body: Transgender and the Rhetorics of Materiality*by Gayle Salamon

All these papers are freely available at www.gjss.org

The Graduate Journal of Social Science (GJSS) is an open-access online
journal which aims to create spaces for graduate students to critically
analyse methodological issues from an interdisciplinary perspective.



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