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International interdisciplinary scientific conference: LGBTQ research: current problems and prospect

LGBT organization Coming Out
With the support of the H. Böll Foundation
Samara Center for Gender Studies
menZDRAV Foundation
Eurasian Coalition on Male Health

Organize the International interdisciplinary scientific conference
dedicated to the memory of Igor Kon
"LGBTQ research: current problems and prospects."
October 20-22, 2011
St. Petersburg

Community of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people continues to be a marginal topic in the post-Soviet scientific space.At present we can not talk about a community of "LGBTQ researchers" because strong divisions exist and often there is no knowledge about each other's work. This fact negatively affects both the process of scientific creativity because there is no opportunity to share research results with colleagues and LGBT activists who can not use scientific evidence in their work, often because these studies remain unknown. In addition, these studies do not affect the situation of the LGBT community because there is no direct link between research and those who will use these results (i.e. L GBT organizations and initiatives).
The conference will discuss a wide range of questions concerning the lives of the LGBT community in the countries of the former Soviet Union, its demographic and psychosocial portrait, methodological issues of the essentialist and constructivist paradigms in the study of homosexuality, political, social and cultural conflicts arising from the struggle of LGBT people for their rights. It is planned to raise the issue of self-organization of the LGBTQ researchers separately, in order to effectively promote ideas of gender equality in academia and in general in society.

Topics for discussion:
• Igor Kon's legacy in the study of homosexuality and homophobia;
• methodological issues of studying queer identities in modern science;
• homosexual and transgender identities, representation and constructing practices;
• living practices and strategies of queer subjects;
• health issues of homosexuals and transgender people;
• the impact of HIV AIDS on the LGBT community, homophobia, heterosexism;
• non-discrimination, LGBT rights, LGBT movement practices;
• crimes against LGBT people;
• sexual minorities and demography;
• biological studies of homosexuality and transgender;
• issues of psychological support and counseling for members of the LGBT community;
• organization of family relationships by LGBT people;
• LGBT people and parenting practices;
• LGBT as a factor in modern politics;
• LGBT people in history, culture and art;
• homophobia, bifobiya, transphobia - their origins, forms, manifestations, and transformations.

Sociologists, psychologists, political scientists, ethnologists, biologists, epidemiologists, demographers, human rights advocates and other experts in the field work and research of the LGBT community, as well as students, undergraduates, graduate students are all invited to participate in the discussion.
Applications for participation are accepted until September 20, 2011 by e-mail: lgbtresearch.ru@gmail.com

The application must include a research results statement (up to 3500 characters) and author's CV.
Accommodation will be covered by the organizing committee of the conference.
Working languages are Russian and English.
The conference will take place in the same dates as LGBT film festival "Side by Side".



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